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Farm-to-table Catering 

Every week brings new ingredients to the farm, and each menu reflects what's available in the moment. 

Our chefs go out into the fields to harvest the produce that turns into the fresh, delightful dishes that come to your table.


Local, seasonal, and organic is what we believe in.  

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Sample Menu

Snap pea salad, radish, gem lettuce, chèvre, pistachio bread crumbs, mint, cider vinegar and honey vinaigrette.

Port and balsamic braised lamb shanks.

Green garlic and Prosecco risotto.

Grilled spring onions and baby bok choy.

Spinach and chard spanakopita with caramelized onions.

Sample Menu

Farm nicoise- green beans, pickled onions, jammy egg, smoked fish, grilled summer squash, sweet and spicy greens, parmigiano reggiano, capers, lemon garlic vinaigrette.

Smoked paprika chicken with grilled nectarines and cilantro pesto.

Herb roasted carrots, beets, and potatoes with carrot top gremolata

Rum and honey baked black beans. 

Creamed corn with fresh herbs and pecorino romano.

Sample Menu 

Fig and cucumber caprese, burrata, basil, whipped feta, sunflower shoots, aged balsamic.


Smoked pork ribs with peach mustard bbq sauce.


Pumpkin cornbread with whipped honey butter.

Heirloom tomato and roasted garlic galette

with pistachio crust.

Potato medley salad, citrus creme fraiche, Truffle Tremor, chives, dill,  pumpkin seeds.

Farm-to-table catering is priced separately from the venue rental.
For more information, Contact Us!
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